App Watch: Quiz 8

Quiz apps and games are not terribly hard to develop, but they do provide an engaging experience, at least for the first time. Knowledge buffs and fans of trivia can now download an interesting little high quality app for their Windows 8 devices.

This free app that goes by the name of Quiz 8 offers hundreds of questions, with increasing difficulty levels that should keep you busy for quite some time.

The official description is straight and simple:

“Quiz8 is a funny and educative game of questions and answers about many areas. The questions gradually get more and more harder while your level grows, do you think you can reach the top?”

What is also straight and simple is the crisp and quality design and UI of the game. The app makes full use of the Metro design philosophy, down to the main menu and bright bold colors. One look at it and it becomes clear that all necessary efforts have gone in when it comes to the looks.

But a quiz game like this lives and dies by its content — and there is plenty to go by here. Over 600 questions are included, each categorized by difficulty and type.

The game also includes a couple of extra functionalities like rankings and virtual money. It is available on all Windows 8 platforms, including ARM based devices.

Click here to check out Quiz 8 on the Windows Store.

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