App Watch: Run Cow Run

After the inspiring success of the Run Roo Run game on iOS, comes a colorful little game that is titled in the same vein. Run Cow Run is developed by an individual developer and offers some nice, addictive entertainment.

Video games have a lot of potential on Windows 8. There are a million different titles already available on earlier Windows versions, and it is only a matter of porting them as an app. Several large publishers are already in on the act, but individual and independent developers also offer some amazing titles.

Here is the storied official description in all its exclaiming glory:

“One day, the little cow realizes what happens to all of the farm animals and makes an escape for her life! While being chased by the vicious farmer, she rescues other farm animals from their cages and tries not to end up as a steak in the farm’s slaughterhouse.

Jump over obstacles, slide under windmills, set the farm animals free and collect coins to purchase unique power-ups that will help the cow make it to freedom! DODGE the angry farmer!”

The free game brings colorful 2D graphics and pairs it with engaging gameplay to have you saving farm animals of all sorts — from pigs, chickens, to sheep and even Noogra (don’t ask!).

Make sure you dodge the nastily angry farmer while playing.

However, the biggest draw remains the cartoony visuals and humorous gameplay, which can be enjoyed on all Windows 8 platforms, from desktops to tablets powered by ARM processors.

Click here to check out Run Cow Run on the Windows Store.

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