App Watch: Skiddy The Slippery Puzzle

Gaming on the Windows Store is a category that is quickly picking up pace, and the past few months have witnessed the arrival of a number of quality gaming titles, from a number of developers.

And when it comes to casual gaming, puzzle games are all the rage. Take the exotically titled, Skiddy the Slipper Puzzle, for example. This exciting Windows 8 title offers the three essential ingredients for a game of this sorts — colorful graphics, cut characters, and catchy gameplay.

Here is a look at a selection of the official description:

“Skiddy is a pure puzzle game in which you must help sweet little Skiddies leave the board by making them slide around together, and ultimately reach the way out.

Do your best to send them out all at once in the least number of moves to solve all the levels with a Perfect! and win lots of medals… The more medals you get, the most bonus levels and worlds you’ll unlock!”

This free game can be played on any and all Windows 8 devices, and supports a variety of inputs including mouse and keyboard, touch and title, along with Xbox 360 controller. The tilt option is a bonus for tablet users as they can physically title their device to move the Skiddies around and complete levels.

A hard mode is included for those of you who like it rough and tough, and the game is effectively integrated with Windows 8, meaning users can play it in Snap View or portrait mode.

Click here to check out Skiddy the Slippery Puzzle on the Windows Store.

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