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It’s amazing to think how much technology has come in the past decade along. It was only in the late 90s when the MP3 format gained wide acceptance and brought with it came a myriad of music playing programs — two of my absolute favorite from that time were Winamp and Sonique.

Smart Music is another such app for Windows 8 that plays music. But it goes beyond that. This is a music player with brains of its very own — it automatically picks songs for you based on your mood.

You select your mood when you start the app (from happy, sad, crazy, sleepy and in love) and the music that matches that mood starts playing right away. And that’s not all, folks. The app also gathers current weather and time information to serve even more suitable tunes. Smart music, indeed!

Here is the short and sweet official description (typo and all) of the app:

“This app gives you a very convenient way to listen to music. You choose your feeling, and it automatically decides which song is best for you. In addition, it also gathers information about current weather such as sunny, rainny (sic), cloudy, cloudy… and current time to give your even more suitable music.

If you can’t find a song to listen to which best for you right now, or you’re tired of your old music list, try this app to find many new and best songs for you, automatically.”

The Metro inspired interface is nice and slick, and the latest version of this free app brings the ability to play music in the background. The developer has also promised several new enhancements in an upcoming update, but as things stand this is still one of the best apps you can get for Windows 8.

Click here to check out Smart Music on the Windows Store.

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