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This one is for the kids. Smart kids, in fact. The app is essentially a learning system for kids, whereby parents can ask them to earn their fun — things like toys, electronics, TV and video game time.

It even includes a community centered around kids with a ranking system, and parents and guardians have the option of gauging the overall performance of their kids to others in the community.

The official description to get a bit of a handle on things:

“A learning tool where the parents check the child’s learning by asking them to attend short test. Tests are going to be compilation of questions based on age, difficulty level, subject available from the system repository. All aspects (such as Length of test, Questions in test, Prizes for Each Level) of the test can be customized by the parents also there will be option to create tests from templates.”

While the app is unique in its form and functionality, this is classic example of something that could use a fair amount of polish to its user interface — the design is serviceable at best, and the glut of empty space in an app targeted towards kids is bordering on criminal.

Nevertheless, the free app is worth a download and test drive.

All platforms of Windows 8 (x86, x64 and ARM) are supported, meaning it can be easily used on Windows RT tablets as well as full version of the operating system.

Click here to check out Smarty… on the Windows Store.

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