App Watch: Stickman 2D: Evolution

The Windows 8 platform is still holding out for that killer exclusive game that brings it to the attention of masses. Both iOS and Android got lucky with several such titles throughout their early years.

Still that does not mean gaming is not catching up on Windows 8. Each day brings about some new ideas and some good games. Once such title is Stickman 2D: Evolution. And as you may have guessed, it has everything to do with those sticky figures.

The game requires you to draw each stickman and send it into battle through various historic ages. Your drawing skills will determine how healthy and strong the stickman is. The official description reads:

“The magic of stickman drawing brought to life on your screen! In Stickman 2D: Evolution, you will draw each stickman you send into battle. How well you draw determines how healthy your stickman is. You then send them to capture diverse objectives such as guard towers and village bonuses, with the ultimate goal of winning each battle and moving on to the next Age of stickman evolution.”

The four ages (and consequently four playing modes) are Stone Age, Iron Age, Renaissance and Modern Age. But option like additional “Challenge” levels and the “Insane” difficulty mode also add to the experience.

While the full license of the game costs $2.99, a trial version is also available for download.

Click here to check out Stickman 2D: Evolution on the Windows Store.

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