App Watch: Storm

If there is one category on the Windows Store that seems to be awfully well represented it is ‘News & Weather’. Weather in particular, as the number of weather applications for Windows 8 is quite large.

But apparently that is not stopping app developers from creating still more weather apps.

Still, it takes quite a bit of work to really stand out from the crowd when it comes to applications of this sort. One such application that seems to have done its homework is Storm.

This relatively new app promises and delivers all essential weather information for more than 8 million locations worldwide that can easily be configured. And better yet, you can save each defined location as a separate tile.

No need to launch the app, you can get the information right on the Start Screen. Awesome!

You get a 15-day forecast with temperate, precipitation, wind, weather maps, radar and all such goodness. And it goes without saying you can choose to display temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit — standard fare on all good weather apps.

This free app brings with it high production values, which is unsurprising as it is created by StormGeo, which claims to be the world’s largest private meteorological institute.

And just like most weather apps on Windows 8, it supports all builds of the OS (x86, x64 and ARM).

Click here to check out Storm on the Windows Store.

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