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There is a variety of chat applications available for Windows 8, some as a platform, while others offering the functionality to stay in touch with other people using other popular networks.

The app falls in the latter category. The app provides easy access to several popular chat platforms — Google Talk, Facebook Chat and Microsoft’s Windows Live are all in — providing users the ability to chat with friends and contact right within the application.

Before you chat, however, you will need to authorize the app to connect with the accounts. Once this is done, a chat interface pops up whereby you can chat with your contacts straight away.

And speaking of interface, the bright and blue (color, in this case) interface is easy on the eyes with an emphasis on usability and clean design.

The simplest of app description for your reading pleasure:

“ is a fast, light and beautiful way of chatting with all your friends across Google Talk, Facebook, and Windows Live (MSN).”

Additional features of the free app include the ability to get confirmation when your contact receive your message (for this they have to be using the app, obviously) as well as the option to view unlimited history of the chats from any device. supports all version of Windows 8 including x86, x64, ARM.

Click here to check out on the Windows Store.

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