App Watch: Tonido

Hand it to modern app and services developers to creatively name their creations. There is no scarcity of zany names for apps on the Windows Store, just as there is no shortage of simple and unassuming ones.

But like they say, what’s in a name, eh?

Another such app with a wacky name but striking functionality has recently landed on Microsoft’s apps repository. A productivity app like none other, Tonido provides access to documents, photos, music and videos in your computer and in the cloud.

Here is a selection form the official description that details this best:

“You can instantly open files, folders, pictures or videos that are stored on your computer from your Windows device with just one click. No uploading to a public server, and no worries about storage constraints in your device. Tonido makes it easy to work directly with your computer files, no matter where you are.”

The feature list is as imposing as it gets — you get music and video streaming, remote access to your files, ability to download and share files, view them, create and manage playlists and much more. You can even take photos and videos on your Windows 8 devices and send them to your home PC.

All this functionality is offered with a freeware license, though you will be required to install the Tonido desktop server program, which is also available for free. And of course, keep your computer on for this remote access functionality to work.

The premiere version of this app supports all flavors of Windows 8 including ARM based ones, and the minimalist touch optimized interface is as light and breezy as you would expect. Total win!

Click here to check out Tonido on the Windows Store.

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