App Watch: TwentyOne

On the off chance you were not aware, we live in an increasingly social world. While most live by these social services, there are some that still maintain their distance from these networks.

For those that live by social sites, here is a slick little app that will make life easier.

The basic premise of TwentyOne is to bring together all your social networks, and present them in a modern interface (obviously inspired by the Metro philosophy).

The official description explains the modus operandi best:

“Add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts into TwentyOne and you will receive a valuable recommendation of your friends and content that you most like. TwentyOne will keep you updated of the most interesting things that are happening within all your social networks, all this in a comfortable and quick way.”

Think of this as an application to filter the amount of information created by your friends on the most popular social networks, and then displaying that based on your personal preferences.

The free app has received good ratings ever since release, and the newest round of improvements brings the ability to post stories and images to Facebook and Twitter, along with the option to comment on posts of your friends and acquaintances.

It supports includes some bug fixes to make the app run faster and smoother on all versions of Windows 8 currently available, including Windows RT tablets.

Click here to check out TwentyOne on the Windows Store.

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