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If there is one thing that always has room for improvement, no matter how good you are, it’s typing speed. Typing on a good old keyboard is one thing, but even experienced typists may need a bit of a refresher course to find their form on new touchscreen platforms, particularly tablets.

You may recall how typing tutors were all the rage back in the 90s, fueled no doubt because of the advent of household computing. If you are just starting out with a touchscreen device or tablet, then a little typing practice may be just what the doctor ordered.

This is essentially a nice little app (well, more of a game, really) with words falling down from the top and requiring you to type them in before they reach the bottom.

Of course, you are not just limited to the touchscreen, it can also played with a physical keyboard — either way you should see improved typing skills. Here is the product description:

“Did you just get a Microsoft Surface and wanted to try your hand at how fast you can type on your Touch Cover or Type Cover? Or are you looking to improve your typing skills with your Windows 8 PC?

Typo is a FREE typing practice app. It’s easy to play: Every word you complete correctly earns you points. You can miss up to 3 words before the session is over. You’ll even be ranked worldwide every time you play!”

Like all good things in life the app comes with support for all Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM). And well the fact that it’s free leaves no room for not downloading this highly useful app.

Click here to check out Typo on the Windows Store.

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