App Watch: What’s The Word?

Call them by whatever name you fancy, but puzzle games where the player has to guess a word based on a selection of descriptive images are all the rage these days. The reason can very much be attributed to their universal appeal and ease of play.

What’s The Word is one such game for the Windows 8 platform. You get a total of 168 levels in 8 albums and each solved puzzle nets you coins, which can then be used to reveal hints. Simple economy!

The official description is as simple as they come:

“4 pictures, 1 word: can you guess the word which describes all four images? Play What’s the Word and test your skills with over 150 unique puzzles!”

This probably is not a game that you will want to play again and again once you finish it, but it is still a nice novelty to have on your Windows 8 device, to kill some time.

The presentation is simple, yet very effective. A serene blue background gives way to some beautiful images and even the characters are well designed, making them easy to select via touch. In essence, this is an example of an app with the necessary attention to quality.

All three versions of Windows 8 are supported, namely x86, x64 and ARM, and the app works quite nicely both with touch based input or keyboard control.

Click here to check out What’s The Word on the Windows Store.

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