App Watch: Windows 8 Cheat Keys

No matter how one feels about Microsoft’s latest operating system, it is hard to deny that it is quite a departure from the interface on the previous version of Windows — at least when it comes to navigation.

Learning keyboard shortcuts is pretty much a must if you want to make the most of an operating system like Windows 8, whether you are using it on a desktop or on a mobile device. But with several new features and updates to old ones, learning all the tricks could take a while.

Sure you can search the Internet to discover all the hotkeys Microsoft has included in Windows 8, or you can download Windows 8 Cheat Keys. This freeware is app is as simple as they come, but quite helpful nevertheless.

This app is basically a showcase of the most essential Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. While all the shortcuts can be discovered by launching the app, Windows 8 Cheat Keys also makes use of live tiles to display tips on the Start Screen. Quite effective!

Better yet, you can learn at your own pace, whether using a daily dose of tips, or browse all included tips in one go. A notification system is also available to alert you whenever new content is available.

Plus with sharing support built into the app, you can easily share tips using email or social sites.

Windows 8 Cheat Keys supports all version of Windows 8, from x86 to x64 computers and ARM devices, making it an excellent download the first time someone makes the transition to Microsoft’s latest OS.

Click here to check out the app on the Windows Store.

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