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We have rarely covered Windows 8 Reference apps, and no better way than to make up for it with WordWeb the popular dictionary that is now available on Microsoft’s newest platform.

This English language dictionary and thesaurus offers full ability to look up more than 85,000 words and phrases with sense definitions, usage examples along with phonetics and text pronunciations.

The best part is that WordWeb is free of advertisements and does not require an Internet connection, meaning the app is a real life saver even if you are not connected online. The description:

“The WordWeb English dictionary and thesaurus: fast searching, spelling suggestions, definitions, usage examples, synonyms, related words – and no adverts. The intelligent word entry suggests possible correct spellings as you type, as well as listing words that sound the same or are often confused.

Additional features include the ability to drill down on any word in a definition, full bookmark support and history. No Internet connection is required to use WordWeb, and it’s free!”

Can’t fault the app on the last two points, but the whole package itself is well rounded. The app supports all Windows 8 versions — x86, x64 and ARM — making it a perfect choice for tablets.

Click here to check out WordWeb on the Windows Store.

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