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We covered a gaming app yesterday. Now let’s close out the week with a work application. Work Note Pro, in fact. You will have to look very hard to find a better note taking app on the Windows Store. This in of itself is enough of an incentive to go and download this awesome application straight away.

And awesome is a word I so very slightly use, but in this case it is perfectly justified.

Work Notes Pro is a notes and recording app that lets you create text, image, audio and video clippings, which can then be saved, searched, managed and shared in a myriad of ways.

The developers describe the feature set best:

“Turn your Windows 8 Pro Tablet into a professional recording device for documenting customer & business intelligence information on the go and instantly sharing to your clouds, contacts and other applications. Securely record, save and share work notes, pictures, videos, voice notes, drawings, photo albums and other multimedia files with your clouds, desktop applications and device folders.”

As you can guess from the description above, Work Notes Pro packs a pretty elaborate feature set. And this is without even talking about Bing Maps, SkyDrive and Live ID integration.

With the BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) trend in the corporate world set to explode this year, this app fits perfectly on your Windows 8 computer or devices. While the strength of this app is in the business realm, it is hard to deny its usability for home, education or research use.

Click here to check out Work Notes Pro on the Windows Store.

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