It Appears That Microsoft’s Scroogled Campaign Is Rather Effective

Microsoft sure seems to be have a field day churning out one Scroogled campaign after another. The search engine titan is, without doubt, Redmond’s most immediate competitor.

But while it remains a very controversial attempt and one perhaps the most offensive attack at a direct rival from the company, a study shows that these anti-Google efforts are quite effective.

This particular research was conducted by Answers Research, and it reveals that a large number of people that visited the Scroogled website have started to pick Microsoft products and services instead of those from the competition.

Ad Age is reporting that the campaign seems to having a proper effect on the overall perception of the general public and its trust in the Google brand.

In fact, a fair few have even made the switch from Google services to Bing and  A Microsoft spokesperson had this to say on the matter:

“The ‘Scroogled’ campaign is having a huge impact as consumers learn the stark difference between what Google says and what Google does.”

In terms of pure, hardcore statistics, Google’s favorability gap dropped from 45 percent before a user visited the Scroogled website to a very notable 5 percent.

And that’s not all — among people that watched Scroogled videos, the number of those that would recommend Google to someone nosedived by 10 percent. The respective figures for Bing grew by 7 percentage points.

You can’t really ask for more form a promotional effort. Still, at the end of the day the rivalry between the two technology titans only seems to grow by each passing day.

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