Apple Becomes The Fourth Largest Laptop Brand

It has happened. Apple has just overtaken ASUS in global sales to become the fourth largest laptop brand in the world. All while most of the attention has been focused on the newly released iPhone X.

Data provided by TrendForce for the third quarter of the year puts HP in lead.

With no less than 25.8% slice of the market, up from the 23.4% in the previous quarter.

Lenovo is listed in second place, coming in at 20.1%, with no difference from the last quarter. While Dell is good enough for a podium finish, placing third with a 15.6% share. ASUS, meanwhile, has dropped from fourth to fifth, dipping to 8.9% from 10%.

This has allowed Apple an opening to land in fourth place, after the Cupertino based company posted a small increase to 10.4% to 10%.

TrendForce Notebooks Q3 2017

TrendForce says:

“Apple continued the strong shipments of 12-inch products in the second quarter, and focused on the new models of MacBook Pro in the third quarter, recording the third quarter shipments of 4.43 million units and an increase of 11.3%. It exceeded ASUS to rank the fourth in this third quarter.”

So basically, demand for Apple notebooks is still strong.

Estimates show that the company managed to sell a total of 4.43 million MacBooks during the quarter, out of a total of 42.6 million laptops sold by all manufacturers this past quarter. Still a while away from the overall leader, HP, which sold nearly three times as many units.

An increase of 17.6% allowed HP to reach shipments of 11 million devices, taking the Windows laptop crown. The market research firm expects HP to total sales of 40 million units by the end of the year, which should help it maintain its lead in the notebook charts with ease.

Bring on 2018!

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