Apple Does Indeed Take Its 30% Cut From Every Microsoft Office Subscription

confirmed that the company is taking its 30 percent cut from every Office 365 subscription that is purchased by iPad owners that want to unlock the editing features in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Apple welcomed the arrival, though it also took the opportunity to mention its own productivity solution alongside, which it offers for free:

“We’re excited that Office is coming to iPad — now part of the more than 500,000 apps designed specifically for iPad. iPad has defined a new category of mobile computing and productivity and transformed the way the world works. Office for iPad joins an incredible lineup of productivity apps like iWork, Evernote and Paper by FiftyThree that users can choose from to inspire them to do more with this powerful device.”
Excited, and then talk, talk, talk about iPad and other apps! But we’ll take it. Office for iPad has been a long time coming. Besides, this is heartwarming news when you consider that Apple and Microsoft could not reach an agreement when Microsoft was offering in-app purchases in one of its apps a little while ago. Back then it was SkyDrive. Back then it was Steve Ballmer running the show.]]>

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