Apple Insists The iPad Can Replace A PC

November 17, 2017

Well, if you say so. Microsoft has made a big deal of the fact that the iPad is a tablet, not a device that can replace the productivity that users get from a PC. But Apple is adamant to prove this notion wrong.

The company has rolled out a new ad for the iPad Pro, one that questions this definition.

Microsoft may have stated the drive of building devices that attracted PC users to these highly portable devices with the original Surface RT tablet, and has since then expanded upon the concept with highly successful devices like the Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Apple joined in the 2-in-1 revolution, but not before making fun of Microsoft for trying to put a keyboard on a tablet, calling the Surface a mix of a toaster and a refrigerator.

And as this ad below shows, the company is hyping up the stylus and keyboard support for its tablet:

The new commercial clearly shows that the iPad can be used as a replacement for a traditional PC.

Whether that happens is really subjective, however, as there is a night and day difference between an operating system like Windows 10 and a mobile focused platform like iOS. The gap may be closing fast, but the gap is still there.

Nevertheless, Apple makes it a point showing Microsoft Office apps being used with a pen in this new video, while also highlighting features like annotation and sharing.

The device may be successful, but up until now there has been no sign of PC users giving up on the platform and going for the iPad Pro. In fact, as the newest numbers show, the PC market is holding strong, at least on the laptops side of things.

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