Apple Ipad rumors – Microsoft need to pay attention

Things seem to be going really well with Windows 8 but the storms are brewing with Apple this year.

Digitimes is reporting the following:

Apple will ship the so-called “iPad 3” with a full HD display in March and then “iPad 4” – named so by its component suppliers – with killer applications in October, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

The iPad 3 will come with a QXGA (1,536×2,048 pixels) display and longer battery life although its other hardware specifications may not be so amazing as expected, said the sources. But Apple will take the advantage of the iPad 3 launch to slash the price of its iPad 2 to US$399, the sources claimed.

The troubling part of the statement (even though it’s a rumor) is the “killer applications”.

Apple have this way of pulling a fast one and staying way ahead of the competition right when it seems like the competition may be catching up.

Pay close attention to Apple’s moves this year because in a sense this will be a make or break year for the company as far as tablets go (yes I said it – quote me).

Since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple hasn’t really done that much to excite the masses. Yes Siri is a cool concept and seemed amazing at first but there have been way too many stories about mediocre Siri performance lately.

If they pull out some serious innovation this year with a new batch of Ipads, it will directly affect the perception of Windows 8.

In a very real sense, Windows 8 (on slates/tablets) will be judged in relation to the Ipad 3 or Ipad 4.

Stay tuned.

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