Apple underwhelm with IOS 5

October 13, 2011

Major minor annoyance, I havent really noticed much utility from the upgrades (granted that it has only been a day). Here are some of the new features. [caption id="attachment_8535" align="alignnone" width="590"]apple icloud apple icloud[/caption] True wireless updates – no longer do Apple fans have to plug in to Itunes. The updates are truly cloud pulls now. Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can now receive updates from Wi-Fi syncing or through the iCloud. You can back up your data on the iCloud, create playlists or photo albums. iMessage. Much like the Blackberry messenger, the iMessage lets users share encrypted text, photos or videos between their iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch. The messaging is free over Wi-Fi but carriers can charge if the app is used over 3G. Notification Center. IOS 5 has a new notification bar that collects notices like missed calls, texts or voicemails in a discreet banner at the top of the screen. The user can access this Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen to show the notices the user didn’t access. Newsstand. Newsstand is a virtual bookshelf that has all the user’s magazine or newspaper subscriptions. It’s basically a way to compile all the user’s digital magazine apps in one app. The app can download new issues automatically to be ready for the user’s perusal in the morning. Twitter Integration. Twittheads with Apple devices will now be able to enjoy a better integration with their favorite social-network with iOS 5. Apple’s even made it easier by having the iOS5 keyboard easy access to commonly used Twitter symbols @ and #. Upgraded Safari Browser.  The upgraded Safari browser app now has tabbed browsing and a smoother transition between windows. Two new features include the Safari Reader which allows the browser to show just the text and the Safari Reading List which lets users synch content among other devices. Camera Shortcuts. Users can now take pictures without unlocking the screen and accessing the camera app. The camera can now be accessed with a simple click on the Volume Up button. Editing the photo will still have to be done via the Camera app including crop, rotate and reduce red-eye functions. Better Game Center. There will be more social games available on the iOS 5. The Game Center app will allow gamers to share their game stats with their friends or recommend their favorite games to other friends. Find My Friends. If you want to know where your friends are, then this new social app will make it even easier to track down friends in real-time. Any iOS device can now ask their friends their location on a map. Updated Mail. The Mail in iOS 5 will have rich-text formatting like bold, italics and underline. Other features will include draggable addresses, message flagging and better security. Basically, Icloud is the new center of the universe. We’ll have to see how everything holds up now that Steve is gone. The truth is, things seemed to be better because he explained that they were. Not proud of that statement but in light of his passing, seems all too true…]]>

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