Apple’s M1 Macbook Pro runs Windows 10 on ARM faster than the Surface Pro X

November 30, 2020
Windows 10 on Mac

As we said earlier, Apple’s New M1 chip has been heralded as a fast and efficient success.

As expected, these new Macbooks won’t run Windows and Apple’s official method to do so, Bootcamp, isn’t available at this time.

Obviously, this is because the Windows OS is built for x86 chipsets while the new Apple M1 is based on ARM.

Interestingly, a developer named Alexander Graf has managed to successfully run virtualized Windows 10 on ARM on the new M1-powered MacBook.

He used a modified version of QEMU, open-source virtualization and machine emulation software, to run an Insider Preview of Windows 10 ARM.

In addition, hee also utilized Apple’s own Hypervisor framework which is designed for virtualization purposes.

Alexander claims that the performance of Windows on his Mac is very quick and smooth.

The CRAZY part.

Based on benchmark date, the Windows 10 ARM version running on the Apple M1-powered MacBooks seems to be performing quicker and more efficiently than Microsoft’s own Surface Pro X.

The new M1 is running about 60% to 85% faster than the fastest Windows on ARM devices available right now.

This is insane performance!

Apple seems to have figured this proprietary chip stuff out.

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