Apples World Wide Developer Conference starts today

UPDATES IOS 5 OMG too many features to name coming this fall… New Messaging service for IOS users across all platforms

Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Lets you send text messages, photos, videos, contacts, and even do group messaging.
Can also get delivery receipts, read receipts, and real-time typing notification. 
        New features from Game Center
2:10PM “In just 9 months we have 50 million Game Center users. To put that into perspective Xbox Live has been around for about eight years and they have around 30 million users.”
Also, software updates are OTA and those updates are delta updates, so again you’re just getting what’s changed — which should put less of a hurting on your newly capped data plan.
Also, software updates are OTA. Now, when you take the phone out of the box, you just see “Welcome” instead of a prompt to tether it. “You can now setup and activate your device right on the device and you are ready to go. It’s that easy.”
“We know we’re selling to a lot of places where the households just don’t have computers.”
Dictionary added across IOS Pinch and Zoom added to the camera Camera Shortcut on Home Screen If you have a passcode set, you can take a new photo from the lockscreen without entering it. But, your existing photos are protected. REMINDERS IS BIG
I can set a location to remind me to call my wife when I leave the convention today. It’ll set up a geofence.”
You can store lists of things, assign a reminder to any dates, and you can even assign a location.
Reading List is next, “a simple way to read it later. Tabbed browsing is added as well Safari ” Nearly 2 / 3 of all mobile web browsing is done through Safari. Twitter Integration Single sign-on. Jump into Settings, add in your deets, and you’re configured for Twitter. Those credentials are then saved and can be (optionally) shared with any app that requests them. Next Newsstand “Recently we added subscriptions, which makes it easier to get all the new issues without missing anything.” “When you purchase them they’re automatically downloaded and placed on the Newsstand. It’s integrated with the home screen, looks like, well, a newspaper stand. They are fixing persistent notification messages the pop up on screen. 200 billion sent so far. The next few images tell the story of IOS Interesting Comscore numbers The Lion OS WOW…Wow, no more discs. Lion will be available only in the App Store. Making it the “Easiest upgrade ever.”..Go into the App Store, click “buy,” it downloads locally and starts the upgrade. You’re looking at a 4GB download, no reboots, and you can use it on all of your personally authorized Macs. You won’t have to buy multiple copies! In the past, upgrades have been $129. This one? $29.99! Available in July. Lots more features for Lion Airdrop Go into AirDrop and you’ll see all the other users who are running AirDrop. To share a file, just drop a file onto the user in question. They then receive a notification and, hey presto, file exchanged. The App Store is now built-in to Lion, and they’re adding in-app purchases, push notifications, and there’s a built-in sandboxing mode to boost security. App Mac Store (ahead of other vendors) Full Screen Apps Multi touch Mission Control Shows you all your apps and all the documents you’re working on. Plus, you can get to all your spaces up top. Multiple views of apps, and you can get to all your widgets on the upper-left. 3 major topics – Lion OS, IOS 5 and Icloud.  ]]>

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