Apps, Settings Will Be Removed If Blue Preview Is Installed In A New Language

We are just mere days away from the release of the preview version of Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1, for that matter) and some leaked documentation has provided us a glimpse into the install process.

Microsoft will soon put these up on its official website, but some leaked images have floated up early.

According to these documents, the preview version of Windows 8.1 will be offered in several languages, but in case users decide to install the upgrade in a different language than the one already configured, the installer will remove all apps and settings.

The company however guarantees that files will stay untouched:

“If you install Windows 8.1 Preview in a language that’s different from the language currently on your PC, you can only keep your files, not your apps or settings.”

Additionally, if a language pack is installed, it will be automatically removed:

“If you’re running Windows 8 and have installed a language pack or a language interface pack, they’ll be removed when you install Windows 8.1 Preview.”

Windows 8.1 Preview is set to be offered in Arabic, English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. Most will probably decide to stick with their original language of choice.

But those of you that want a switch should keep these changes in mind and adjust accordingly.

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