Apps that I would like to see in Windows 8

  • FACEBOOK  App:- I want a Metro styled Facebook app for Windows 8. I know there are several apps now present in the market which do the same but I would like to have a Facebook app from Facebook which should also support chat within the same app.
    • VLC Media Player App:- I had read somewhere a few days back that VLC won’t be making a metro styled app for Windows 8. Being my  favourite video player , I would like to have a metro version of it. So that I don’t have to switch to the desktop everytime I have to play any video file(specially .flv files)
    • CRICKET App:- I am from India, a cricket crazy nation. So I would surely want a proper Cricket app for Windows 8. The Sports app which was included in the release preview didn’t included cricket.
    • NERO App:- I would also like to have the metro version of  a disc utility software such as Nero. Nero has been a very famous disc burning utility over the years and I would like to see it rocking in Windows 8 too.
    • AVAST Antivirus App:- I would also like to have a metro styled Avast antivirus app too. But Microsoft is actively discouraging  Avast from making a metro version, which is at least for me, Very surprising.
    So, these are the few apps that I want to see in Windows 8. Which Apps do you want?]]>

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