Appscope Helps You Find PWAs

Progressive Web Apps have been a focus for Microsoft these past few months, with the software titan encouraging developers to launch their PWAs on the Windows platform.

Other companies like Google and Apple are also pushing users towards these new types of applications.

However, despite all the advantages and functionality that this whole new category of software provides, it still is tough for end users to find them on Stores. Microsoft simply lists them in a separate section that is hidden away, and only visible when you actually click on a PWA.

Which is when you are provided with access to a listing of more such apps on the Microsoft Store.

That said, if PWAs are your thing, you don’t have to worry about finding them anymore.

This is because a new website on has taken on the responsibility to provide you information about the best PWAs available on the apps repository. Called Appscope, this is pretty much a beautifully polished Store for users that lists Progressive Web Apps under one hood.

The best thing is that it itself is a PWA, meaning it works amazingly well on both desktop and mobile.

The apps are listed in categories, and you also get a search option provided for you to find your favorite application. Almost all of the popular PWAs are listed here, and you can simply click on Launch to open an app and start using it.

Interestingly, it also shows how compliant each PWA is according to a baseline checklist, and why certain apps are not. The new Twitter client, for example, is, while Instagram and Starbucks are not.

Quite handy!

Overall, this little platform makes for a great experience. And with the team behind it adding new PWAs every day, it will only get better form here.

Check out the Appscope Store right in your web browser and see the PWA concept in action.

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