Are Intel storm clouds threatening the Windows 8 hardware launch?

According to Bloomberg:

Microsoft hasn’t yet approved any tablets featuring an Intel processor code-named Clover Trail because the chipmaker hasn’t produced necessary power-management software, said the person, who asked not to be named since the process is private.
That’s not good.
Tablets featuring Clover Trail are the ones designed by Intel to most closely compete with the iPad. The industry can ill afford a slowdown in getting them into stores with the next iPad due to be released in March or April, said Wes Miller, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft, based in Kirkland, Washington. “It’s bad news for Microsoft and Intel because it’s not going to present the best light on either one and it will hurt the perception of Windows 8,” Miller said.
While this will be fantastic news for ARM if Intel can’t get their act together, this could really jeopardize the perception of Windows 8 devices this fall. Intel have been trying to develop a low powered processor that could power a device for around 10 hours like the iPad but that seems to be their achilles heel. The Clover Trail chip was meant to be the solution to that problem. Stay tuned…]]>

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