Are You Ready For The Ultra Affordable Lumia 435?

spectacularly well in countries like China and Indonesia, and the company is now designing another model for these emerging markets — the low end segment sure is now the favorite place for Redmond to play in. Not a bad strategy, as these users do upgrade to higher end models in the end. That is, if you continue releasing them. However, as a new report reveals, the Lumia 435 is set to become the first model in the 4xx series of Lumia devices, with Microsoft now waiting for approval from regulation authorities in these specific regions that will offer the inexpensive smartphone. The device is expected to be offered in several flavors, meaning the various model numbers that were spotted not too long ago probably all are variants of this handset. Just a refresher on the hardware specifications of the Lumia 435, which runs Windows Phone 8.1. Nothing breathtaking in terms of internal circuitry, but it’s still going to be more than decent for its price point. A 4-inch screen with an 800 x 480 pixels resolution, Snapdragon 200 chip, and a 5 megapixel camera on the back. The Lumia 435 has already passed certification in the United States and Indonesia, and is set to be priced across the globe at just $70 or roundabouts. You interested?]]>

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