Around 8.4% Of Desktop Computers Still Running Windows XP

statistics that shows that Windows XP is installed on a somewhat manageable 8.4% of desktop computers the world over, while Windows 7 leads the charts with a solid 55.1%. Windows 8 still has a lot of ground to cover, with its figures of 15.8%. Now, while these figures for Windows XP are better than what we have been hearing from other market researchers, the Windows 7 store is equally interesting. It will take a big effort from Microsoft to move these users to a newer operating platform. A 55.1% share is substantial in any industry, and unless Redmond plays its cards just right, we could have something similar to the Windows XP situation on our hands come Windows 7 retirement. Luckily, with the way Windows 9 development is shaping up, the company just might have a chance!]]>

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