Arstechnica review the Microsoft Surface Pro

Arstechnica reviewed the Microsoft Surface Pro and here’s what they had to say:

Maybe other people can make use of the form factor better than I can. I’m sure the same markets that have used Windows tablets for the last decade will leap at Surface Pro—if they haven’t already gone for the iPad. I’m sure some people will find it “good enough” as a laptop-like device, and for them it may be a viable purchase. But it’s not for me.

The Good

The screen is pretty
Touch Covers and Type Covers are still good typing solutions
The build quality remains first-rate
Runs Windows apps with aplomb

The Bad

Runs hot
Runs loud
Runs short
The whole resolution scaling situation is unsatisfactory
Metro-style apps still lacking in breadth, number, and quality

The Ugly

The design fundamentally doesn’t work

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