As Promised, Nook app finally comes to Windows 8 and Windows RT

partnership with Barnes & Noble (specifically the Nook) you’d expect a few things. First, you’d think that Microsoft would work to release a Nook device running on Windows technology, instead of the continued presence of Android. Second, you’d think a timely arrival of a Nook app would have been guaranteed. Neither of these things are happening. If you are a fan of B&N Nook collection of books, you’ll be happy to know that they have finally gotten around to releasing a Nook app specifically for Windows RT and Windows 8. Alright, so it’s not THAT late to the game, but for a company so closely associated to Microsoft, you’d think it would have came just a bit quicker. The free app works liked you’d expect, it is an e-reader and an online storefront for Nook content. It will also allow syncing between a Nook tablet and the Nook Windows 8 page– allowing you to see the last page you’ve read on one device directly on your tablet. That’s actually kind of a cool idea. The new Nook Windows 8/RT app also comes with a free sample book from Microsoft Press, Windows 8 Plain and Simple. The sample portion is still 500 pages and is about 50 percent of the book’s total content. Have you tried out the new Barnes & Noble Nook app yet? What do you think? [ source ]]]>

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