ASUS May Bring MacBook Pro Touch Bar To Windows

It was only a matter of time! Many thought Microsoft would be the first company to bring the MacBook Pro Touch Bar feature to the world of Windows, but it appears that ASUS is set to take the cake.

Microsoft did, however, accidentally unveil this new feature after publishing a series of app extensions in the Microsoft Store.

So, one can say the software titan played its part.

But basically, ASUS has adopted the Touch Bar feature on Windows 10 notebooks, with a name that is completely different. The company is calling this new options ScreenPad — appropriately named as it shows icons and other functions on the trackpad of the upcoming notebook.

ASUS Screenpad

As discovered, the ScreenPad would enable Windows users to open and control applications that they use on their Windows computer while using the trackpad.

A render has also been provided, showing the feature in action:

ASUS ScreenPad Notebook


What is not yet clear at this moment is whether this is a standalone device, or something that is built right into the laptop. Judging by the extensions, which have very specific requirements about needing a particular ASUS laptop with precision touchpad, it does appear that we’re talking built in here.

In any case, ScreenPad should make it easier for users to launch and manage Windows programs.

We have buttons to run ASUS utilities, Microsoft apps, as well as other third-party software. A few other features are directly offered, including calculator and audio playback.

Do to hardware limitations, it is hard to tell whether this is something that will get traction — pun always intended. While developer support is also offered here, the fact that this runs only on ASUS machines will weigh negatively in its favor.

Still, it’s a welcome feature, and could prove to be helpful for users.

What say you?

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