Asus VivoTab RT already getting a price cut, now $549.99 with free keyboard-dock offer

Amazon and B&H are both now listing the device for $549.99. Interestingly enough, Asus is now also offering a special promotion through its company’s website that will give VivoTab purchasers a chance to get the keyboard dock free – which they technically price separately at $200. Of course that’s just a limited time offer scheduled to end December 31st, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Asus eventually decided to make the deal permanent to give them a fighting chance against Microsoft’s Surface RT. The bottom-line is that these prices cuts are likely coming in simply because the Microsoft Surface RT is selling VERY strongly and there isn’t enough reason to look at alternative RT devices, though I believe that the VivoTab is the only currently released alternative, with the rest coming soon (I could be wrong, though). At $549.99 with their battery life-extending keyboard dock available for free, the Asus VivoTab RT certainly becomes a heck of a lot more appealing. Nearly 15 hours of battery life when in the “laptop mode” and a design that is really more laptop-like than the Surface, not a bad idea at all. What do you think? Does the new price cuts and Asus’ keyboard offer sweeten the deal enough for you to consider this Surface alternative? [ source ]]]>

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