At some point you just shake your head – iObit releases yet another Start Menu replacement tool


At some point, you just shake your head. I’ve never seen so many utilities created to help “fix” an Operating System.

OK, here we go again.

IObit, the world’s leading system utility software provider, announced a brand new and free system tool that will enable Windows 8 users to get themselves better familiarized with the new Microsoft operating system.

IObit StartMenu8 provides a quick and convenient way for Windows 8 users to bring back both the Windows Start Menu and the Start button, while also disabling things like Windows 8 Hot Corners, the Metro Sidebar and hot keys. By giving users more control over their Start Menu, StartMenu8 aims to help users feel more comfortable while using Windows 8.

Blah Blah Blah…

Go check it out if you’re interested.

There are so many of them, it’s gotten really old.

The link’s here.

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