ATI and Nvidia both release new Windows 8 beta drivers

Windows 8 Update reported on the PC World article that looked into just how well gaming worked in Windows 8. For the most part, it was concluded that there was little to gain for gamers when it came to upgrading. At the same time, there were really no negative reasons to avoid Windows 8 for gaming either, other than a few small bugs. Now it seems that AMD and NVIDIA are both pushing out new public beta drivers that not only support Windows 8 better but are supposed to bring added performance to some games. For AMD, they brought out the Catalyst 12.11 beta drivers for the HD 5000, HD 6000 and HD 7000 Radeon series. These drivers are said to actually offer increased performance on many games, including titles like Borderlands 2. As for Nvidia, they also have beta drivers in the form of the GeForce 310.33 drivers. These are designed to work with Windows XP all the way up to Windows 8. Nvidia also claims a boost in gaming performance with the new drivers and cites games like Batman: Arkham city as examples. While this doesn’t mean that Windows 8 is better for gamers, it shows that graphics companies are dedicated to including Windows 8 and ensuring that our transition is as smooth as possible. As a gamer myself, I’ve found Windows 8 to be a very pleasant experience. I have yet to try the beta drivers but will likely give them a go and see if they turn a great experience to an excellent one. Any other Windows 8 gamers out there, what has your experience been so far? [ source ]]]>

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