AT&T will sell the Nokia Lumia 920 for just $450 off-contract, only $150 more than Nexus 4

Nokia 920 should have followed in the Nexus’ footsteps Imagine if Microsoft and Nokia would have teamed up to offer the Nokia Lumia 920 completely carrier unlocked. If AT&T is able to get the pricing down as low as $450, Microsoft could have helped subsidized the cost of the 920 and sold it unlocked for even cheaper. At $400, for example, Microsoft could have touted this high-end smartphone as a direct alternative to the Nexus 4. Microsoft could have then made back some of the money from their app store and services like Xbox Music. I know that I would have picked the 920 up in a heart beat if it was carrier unlocked— even if it was still at the $450 price point. What about you? [ source ]]]>

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