Attack of the All-In-Ones, Is the Desktop Tower Going Extinct?

HP Spectre Onuora commented on this one in the past. His point was that HP didn’t even try, they just went with a flat-out copy of the iMac. I have to agree. The looks here are a near-clone, and I’m surprised a lawsuit isn’t already in the works. Design aside, there are some interesting things on the inside that make this worth a look. For starters it will be powered by Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and have a 1GB Nvidia graphics card. It will also have NFC, which is an interesting addition. This means that you will be able to communicate with NFC phones and even log in y using your Android (or WP) NFC device. Unfortunately, there is no dvd/blu-ray or anything. It is also a bit pricey at $1,299.

Acer U Series All-in Ones

Acer has announced two different models of their own all in ones, the 23-inch 5600U and the 27-inch 7600U. The design here is clearly a bit different from the clone-looking Spectre. Sure, it is still an all-in-one, but it has an interesting stand and takes a slightly different approach. This thing is loaded with extras like a Blu-ray drive and SD card reader. No official information on the pricing yet, though I somewhat prefer the looks of this one to the HP Spectre.

Vizio All-In-One

I already mentioned this one a bit earlier so I won’t go in to it too much. I bring it up again simply because even though it has a somewhat iMac G4-look (which was a long time ago), it still manages a refined and sexy look that is its own. Coloring and style seems Apple-like, but the design is still unique enough. The power on this thing isn’t half-bad either. This is a first attempt at the PC market for Vizio, so it is interesting to see how they do.

Summing it Up

This is a look at three all-in-ones. Why look at just three? I thought it was important to get at least a brief idea of three very different approaches. Going forward you will see kickstand-like styling, direct Mac clones and attempts to do things differently with all-in-ones. One thing I’m sure of though, the era of all-in-one Windows is here and desktop towers are on their way out. What do you think?]]>

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