AT&T’s Developer Summit 2012 will cover Windows 8 as well

AT&T will be holding their annual developer conference in Las Vegas from January 8th through the 9th.

They have a jam packed session schedule that if you take a close look reflects the upcoming release of Microsoft Windows 8.

Apart from a lot of the typical mobile phone development sessions, they have sessions on online advertising and HTML 5. Cool.

They also have these sessions:

Microsoft: Application Design for Developers: Metro design overview (UI/UX), tips and tricks

Microsoft: Application Design for Developers: Metro design overview (UI/UX), tips and tricks – 4:30 – 5:15
Often the difference between a good application and a great application with maximum consumer appeal is a well thought out user experience and overall design. Design is the key to creating applications that engage and delight. Windows Phone 7.5 raises the bar in user interface design and interaction by focusing on the content with an emphasis on motion, typography, and spacing over chrome to enable the user to focus on the task at hand. Understanding these elements and incorporating them into your app will ensure a native approach that your end users intuitively know how to use. When finished, you will have received a crash course on the Metro Design Language from a developer’s perspective so that you too can respond to the “UI question” and deliver stunning applications.

Reza Alizadeh
Reza Alizadeh is an Architect Evangelist with Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism team. His main focus is working with top mobile app partners and supporting their efforts to adopt the Windows Phone platform. Reza has been involved in the mobile space for over four years, having created a successful mobile app startup prior to joining Microsoft, which published over twenty applications and accumulated 3M+ downloads on iOS and other platforms.


A Metro Style Hemi™ – Windows 8 tablets super charged with 4G LTE

A Metro Style Hemi™ – Windows 8 tablets super charged with 4G LTE – 3:30 – 4:15
Attend this session and see how to transform the higher speed and lower latency of LTE into an amazing user experience. First, learn from Qualcomm about the power of their Snapdragon chip, and how developers can tap into the Snapdragon Developer Program to create rich Windows 8 apps that help deliver differentiated consumer experiences that capitalize on LTE’s potential. Then see how the intuitive elegance of Windows 8’s Metro-style application design has been layered over this horsepower. Finally, hear how standalone applications can be transformed on this powerful platform, converting independent programs into streamlined, integrated live tiles. Opportunities abound in this session for developers of connected apps; discover how AT&T and Microsoft are working to make developing connected applications easier.

Jon Sharp
Jon Sharp has been with AT&T for 13 years, spending the last four focused on development and certification of devices with the AT&T Communication Manager software. Jon’s team manages the 3rd party development partner relationship, overseeing certification of new and exciting device/software combinations. What once started as simple software management for CDPD-capable PCMCIA cards on a single operating system has evolved to a full-fledged cross platform capable client, supporting all major operating systems and a myriad of device types, including auto-installation capable USB data cards, netbooks/notebooks and tablets.

Lauren Thorpe
Lauren Thorpe is senior director of developer relations for Qualcomm. Thorpe is responsible for growing and sustaining the robust community of developers and publishers working with Qualcomm products and services, including Snapdragon, Alljoyn and Qualcomm Software Platforms. Prior to this role, Thorpe was the vice president of operations for THQ Wireless, where she managed product development for wireless games and personalization product lines. In her 13+ years in wireless and mobile entertainment, Thorpe has held a variety of positions from production management, to marketing and product development at companies such as Helio, Hands on Mobile and Alcatel.

Windows 8 is coming and seems to be touching almost every major tech company.

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