Australian Bank Chooses Windows Over Linux Because Its Cheaper

Add another one to the list. The never-ending battle of free open source software versus propriety solutions continues, this time with a brand new victory for Microsoft.

An Australian banking organization by the name of Members Equity Bank is the latest in the list of companies that have decided to pick Windows over Linux — and the reason cited, once again, is that the final costs of going the open source route would have been a lot higher.

You can read the full story over at ZDNet, but the Australian bank made the decision to deploy Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 over Linux alternatives that could have cost AU$100,000.

Jem Richards, the IT expert of ME Bank was noted as saying:

“Although the alternative Linux-based platform is essentially free to deploy, based on our past experience, we knew that it would cost more to support than Windows. This made the overall costs of the two operating systems approximately the same.”

This, as you may well be aware, is the not the first time something like this has happened.

Several institutions and enterprises have decided to stick with the Windows platform after taking into account the total costs involved of migrating to an open source solution.

Technical support and staff training are two important considerations — and both are currently dubbed as prohibitively expensive for Linux-based workstations. In this particular case, Jem estimated, Microsoft licenses would have required no additional investments for at least five years.

A reason enough for sticking with the Windows platform, at least for this Australian entity.

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