Australian Business Sees 70% of Employees Choosing Windows Phone

More than once I’ve talked about the huge amount of potential for Windows Phone 8 in the enterprise world. With its ability to play nicely and integrate with Office, Windows and much more– there is a lot to love about Windows Phone 8.

While handsets running Windows Phone haven’t exactly taken the business world by storm globally, it seems that at least some folks in Australia have seen the light. According to a new report, more than 70% of employees are choosing Nokia Lumia handsets over Apple, Samsung, HTC and others at KONE Australia, a lift and escalator company.

As part of your “choose your own device, bring your own device” you can either bring your own handset or choose from a selection of handsets available to the company. KONE offered the Lumia 610, 710 or 800 for operational employees and the Lumia 920 for directional employees.

Nokia handsets were preferred thanks to the presence of Nokia Drive, Microsoft Lync, SharePoint and Windows Phone People Hub. Considering Apple has had issues as significant as stranding navigators in the middle of an Australian desert, I can’t say I blame folks for wanting Nokia’s map solution instead.

Of course one major Australian company doesn’t mean a whole lot on a wider, global scale– but it highlights the point that Windows Phone (both 7 and 8) do have a lot to offer in a space that has traditionally been controlled by Blackberry, and has recently seen expansion by Android and iOS devices.

Keeping up the momentum

Microsoft needs to point out these kinds of moves through targeted advertising. KONE is one of the companies that have moved to Windows Phone, but Sara Lee recently switched to Windows Phone 7 for their company needs as well. By focusing ads that show conversion to Windows Phone is happening at an enterprise level, they could end up bringing in even more converts. Perhaps put up interviews of reps from companies that have switched onto Microsoft’s blog, etc.

Business is important because it represents a big piece of the pie and is a huge fiscal opportunity, but it’s more than that: You win the business sector and you start to win the home market as well. After all, folks that use these devices day in and day out are much more likely to buy them and use them at home, too.

Do you use a Windows Phone (7 or 8) handset for your current business needs? If not, what are the major barriers holding you back from considering Windows Phone as your mobile OS of choice?

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