Automate And Speed Up Your Software Installations With OneClick! Installer 3

Few would disagree that installing software is the most unexciting part of the computing experience. And it gets even more tiresome if you have to go through a monotonous and repetitive routine.

This holds particularly true in business environments and large organizations.

If you are an IT professional that has to install a set of software on multiple PCs, then this program may be of interest to you. OneClick! Installer 3 by Seizent is a software that automates, streamlines and enhances the installation process of applications, drivers, and Windows updates:

“OneClick! Installer 3 is an application designed to automate the installation of your favorite software. No more hours and hours spent in boring repetitive tasks!

With OneClick! Installer 3, professionals can perform installation operations up to three times faster than before – as well as be sure that all software will be installed in the recommended order for optimum system performance advised by Intel*. No more annoying toolbars! OneClick! Installer 3 has been designed to avoid their installation.”

Two versions are on offer, free and paid, each with two modes (standard and advanced), the ability to block toolbars during installations and automatic updates. The paid version also comes with logical installation order (as recommend by Intel), along with a much expanded supported software list.

You can hit up the official website for complete details, and download the free version to try it out.

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