AV-Test Unleashes Its First Windows 8 Antivirus Comparison

The German security firm, AV-Test, has long put several antivirus solutions under the microscope, and offered independent analysis and testing results of security applications from a number of vendors.

And it took a fair while coming, but the folks over at AV-Test have released their study of a bunch of antivirus solutions made for Windows 8, both consumer and business.

The test took into account no less than 26 software solutions, which it examined between January and February 2013. Each product is rated based on three criteria that matter the most — protection, performance and reliability.

As the chart at the link above shows, each product can get a score from zero to six. This means any given product can get a maximum score of 18. Any solution that gets a score of at least 10 is enough to get certified by the firm.

Microsoft’s very own Windows Defender 4.0 is considered the baseline for the test, and it managed to attain certification with a score of 11.5. Fair enough for a solution that is bundled with the operating system, but then again, plenty of room for improvement.

Bitdefender actually took the honors among the Windows 8 antivirus solutions with a lethal score of 17. BullGuard and Kaspersky Lab follow with 16.5 and 16.

On the business side of things, AV-Test put eight corporate antivirus software solutions under the wrench. Here again, Microsoft’s System Center Endpoint Protection was designated baseline, and it put in an improved showing at 12.5 points.

But as is the case with a lot of things in the corporate world, it all came down to a tie between Fortinet and Symantec, with each scoring no less than 16.5 points.

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