Azure Archive Storage Prices Drop By 50%

Archive Storage

Hook me up with a couple of zettabytes! Microsoft continues to make updates to its cloud service almost every week, and this time Azure Archive Storage pricing got a rather interesting look.

One where its cost has dipped by up to 50% in some regions.

The technology giant highlighted this decrease in price as its commitment to providing the most cost effective storage access to users across the globe.

Archive Storage, if you are unaware, is a cloud storage service designed primarily for rarely accessed data. Microsoft offers it in three different access tiers, namely hot, cool and archive — with the difference in them based upon the frequency of access required for stored data.

The pricing for each tied is also dependent upon the types of feature a customer requires, like the kind of storage redundancy options, region and more.

Microsoft also took the opportunity to cite a recent study (PDF file) that notes that its current customers can achieve a 112% ROI by moving their data to the Archive tier. They can do so in a total of 29 regions, spread all over the world.

At the moment, the recommend data storage prices in the US range from $0.00099/GB per month all the way up to $0.18/GB per month. In comparison, the lowest price points in European regions is still the same, however it rises to $0.195/GB per for premium offerings.

Operation and data transfer prices generally scale similarly based upon region, but you can get a more careful idea of the full pricing details for the service here.

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