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Azure Cloud Skills Are In High Demand

A new report has revealed that interest in cloud skills has risen in the past three years, with employers and job seekers searching for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud platforms in particular.

In other words, those of you looking to take your career to the next level, might want to bet big on the cloud.

As reported, there has been a 5.51% increase in job listings that include AWS, a 16.24% uptick in listings with Microsoft Azure, and an amazing 66.74% increase with listings that have Google Cloud in them — a sign that all three providers are in it.

And this should come as no surprise, considering that cloud computing is on track to $300 billion business, according to Gartner.

Job interest in this field is also on a quick rise, with searches for roles related to cloud computing rising by an impressive 107.8% in the last three years. These searches include phrases like “cloud infrastructure”, “cloud security”, “cloud architect” and “cloud engineer”.

This report by Indeed also highlights that regular software engineering positions are also starting to list cloud as a required skill.

Even if job seekers are not outright focused on cloud, 7.92% of software engineers and 6.71% of senior software engineers positions on the site including the word “cloud” in their descriptions.

We truly are living in cloudy times!

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