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Azure DevOps Server 2019 Is In Town

Microsoft has unveiled its first release candidate for Azure DevOps Server 2019, an on-premises version of Azure DevOps that was promised back in September.

This is a solution for developers that are not quite ready to take a rocket to the cloudy world where the Redmond based company would prefer them to be.

In terms of new features, the offering comes with a new navigation, improvements to the release management, as well as Azure SQL support for anyone interested in the on premises release of the project that was formerly known as Team Foundation Server.

The new navigation via DevOps Server RC may already be familiar to developers that have used the Azure DevOps server. It draws inspiration from the Fluent Design language that Microsoft is all about these days.

The UI aims at speed and clearness, which comes in handy in the face of high information density.

This hybrid cloud approach continues in the release management interface, with a number of tweaks where Microsoft allows users to mix and match self-hosted agents with those in the cloud for Windows, macOS or Linux

Of course, deployment can be to IaaS or PaaS in Azure as well as on-premises.

Microsoft would never waste an opportunity to let you know that its cloud is at your service, even if you insist on self-hosting — the option is there.

Speaking of options, if you’re currently using the client object model or the SOAP API, then the company has some news for you. It plans to remove support for both in the next major release of Azure DevOps Server, meaning you will soon be forced to rethink your choices.

A complete list of change is worth a gander.

It can be accessed here.

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