Azure Event Grid Upgraded With Several New Features

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The evolution of Azure Event Grid continues. Microsoft recently announced enhancements for this service, with two major new features including advanced filters and Event Domains.

In addition, the team responsible for Event Grid has confirmed that it continues to improve the developer experience and has made it available more regions.

Event Grid allows customers to manage all their events in place in Azure, and is one of the more used options on the Microsoft cloud. It attained general availability in February this year, and the company added support for Cloud Events later in June.

Integration with IoT Hub was confirmed in September.

Now, the Service Bus engineering team that is responsible for Event Grid has added an Events Domain feature, built several new types of advanced filters and updated some of their SDKs.

A time to live feature for Event Subscriptions has also been added, as is a Portal UI support for configuring dead lettering and retry policies.

Event Domains allows customers to get fine grain authorization and authentication control over each topic via the Azure Active Directory. This will let them easily decide which of their tenants or customers have access to and subscribed to which Event Grid topics.

The second feature, advanced filters, allow customers to use new types of filters like numerical, string and Boolean. Customers now have access to a set of operators for each type, as well as more fields available to run them on.

This enables them to have more control over what events are routed where, and they can make sure that only the required ones are getting to the computer services tasked with handling them.

The Redmond based company has also updated some Event Grid SDKs, specifically Java and .NET, to make Azure Native Events even easier.

Lastly, the company also increased the availability of Azure Event Grid to US Gov Arizona, Texas and Virginia regions.

The pricing details for Azure Event Grid are available here.

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