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Azure Fuels Cloud Video Editing For Barbri

The multimedia media credentials of Microsoft Azure get amped up with the news that Barbri has chosen the cloud platform to rapidly push all its online training videos.

Blackbird, known for its solution that provides secure, lightning-fast, frame-accurate editing and distribution of video content in the cloud, is the one doing the heavy lifting — thanks to the power available on Azure.

Barbri is the world’s largest law examinations preparation company.

And it plans on using Blackbird Edge to meet the media production needs of its team, allowing the seamless editing and addition of graphics to video clips using Blackbird Forte.

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This development was made official by Forbidden Technologies, the developer and seller of Blackbird, known for providing the workstation experience in the cloud. Azure will provide content storage and processing, while Blackbird will enable video editing.

Microsoft Azure will provide a very efficient workflow, on its highly scalable and flexible cloud. And this combination will enable the production of video content anywhere, anytime on any device — using bandwidth as low as 2Mbps.

Blackbird is no stranger to video on the cloud.

Deltatre, a leading sports broadcast services company, is also an extensive user of Blackbird through Microsoft Azure. It uses the technology to extend its OTT offering of editing services for live and non-live on-demand content for a wide range of sports.

Including American football, athletics, golf, rugby and cycling.

Find out what Blackbird can do for you by paying Forbidden Technologies a visit.

Barbri, meanwhile, can be found here.

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