Azure Site Recovery Here To Save The Day

Azure may be as reliable a cloud platform as it gets these days, but like most things in life, one can never be too sure. Good thing then that Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is here to prevent the worse from happening.

Microsoft recently added this feature as a way for users to replicate and failover virtual machines from a failover cluster.

The cloud giant first announced Azure Availability Zones back in September 2017, offering a pretty impressive feature set that included fault-isolated locations within an Azure region with extra cooling, power and networking capabilities.

All in the name of redundancy.

And peace of mind.

Now, the Seattle based firm has added ASR as an additional safeguard, enabling users to boost the availability of mission-critical VMs by deploying them across multiple zones within a region.

As Sujay Talasila, senior program manager for cloud and enterprise states:

“Along with Availability Sets and Availability Zones, Azure Site Recovery completes the resiliency continuum for applications running on Azure Virtual Machines.”

Basically, after the recent hiccups in 2018 that wreaked havoc across the cloud world, Microsoft is in no mood to take chances in the event that a natural disaster knocks out any of the Availability Zone — even if they a country mile more redundant.

Now, users that want to configure for added availability can browse to the VM, select disaster recovery and choose a target region and enable replications.

ASR is available in all regions that support Availability Zones, including most Azure Government regions like DOD Central, DOD East and US Gov Iowa, Virginia, Texas and Arizona.

As for the regions themselves, Azure users in Europe, Germany Central, Germany, North, UK West, UK South, North Europe, West Europe, France Central and France South are all eligible. And so are those in China East, China North, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Canada and the United States.

Brazil South is also supported, but is right now set to failover in the US regions.

Check it the details here.

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