Together with Data Box Gateway and a variety of Data Box transfer products (online, Data Box Edge provides a secure link between Azure storage and your site.

Moving data in and out of Azure has never been easier; easier than working with local network shares! Together, they offer the highest performance in transfer capabilities, removing all the hassle of transporting data across the network.

Not only that, but Data Box Edge is also an Edge computing appliance fully enabled with Artificial Intelligence.

Data Box Edge

  • A fully AI-enabled device
  • Data Box Edge is a physical device only available from Microsoft
  • It is a storage gateway
  • It fully supports NFS or SMB protocols
  • It has support for Azure Files or Azure Blobs
  • It has a 1U chassis, 6GB RAM and 2 x 10-core CPUs
  • It has 12TB local NVMe SSD storage
  • It has 4 x 2 GbE network interfaces
  • Prices start at just $11.22 per month

Data Box Gateway

  • Provisioned within your hypervisor, Data Box Gateway is a virtual device
  • It is a storage gateway
  • It has support for NFS or SMB protocols
  • It has support for Azure Blobs or Files
  • It has support for VMWare or Hyper-V
  • Subscription starts at $2.50 per month

Data Box Edge Use Cases

  • Analysis of on-premises system data or IoT device data to get quick results from close to where that data is generated. Edge data sets can be transferred easily to the cloud for deeper processing and analytics and pre-processing can be used for modifying or aggregating data, transferring big data and analyzing IoT events.
  • Enables machine learning models to be run at the edge for fast results without having to go on a trip to the cloud. The entire data set can be transferred to Azure and retrained and improved.
  • Quickly and easily transfer data for archiving or for deeper analytics.