Backup Reports For Azure Now In Preview


Microsoft has announced a public preview of the Backup Reports capability for Azure, with this new functionality available for a test run from the Azure Portal.

Check here for the full details.

But as you can imagine, Backup Reports can be used to forecast the backup needs of an organization, check backup trends over time, and pull together information for use in audits. It also lets IT pros drill down into the details, with filters to customize the dashboard view as needed.

The software titan has put together this document that goes over the specifics of this new arrival.

The reporting enabled by this new feature is supported across Azure virtual machines, including SQL and SAP HANA/ASE. It also works with Azure Backup Server, Azure Backup Agent, and System Center Data Protection Manager.

Partners that make use of the Azure Lighthouse managed service provider tool can use Backup Reports to view reports across all their tenants.

Redmond has not made clear the licensing needed to use Backup Reports in the documentation, but it is implied that this feature is free:

“Backup Reports can be viewed right on the Azure portal without the need to purchase any additional software licenses.”

Good enough.

Microsoft, obviously, announced a similar preview of its Backup Explorer tool that is used for real-time monitoring of Azure backups.

Unlike that tool, Backup Reports seems to be designed more for analysis, and getting trends data than just simple oversight and management activity. In that sense, both these tools combine to simplify backup management on the cloud platform.

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